Meet the Artist Tim Doud and view the commissioned work: "A Great Public Walk" at Amtrak Union Station

Saturday, February 3, 2024
Meet at Gate A


The artwork commissioned for Union Station by the Art at Amtrak program, A Great Public Walk, considers the local, national and international spectrum of those who pass through the station, as well as the historical significance of Washington DC.

DC based artist Tim Doud took into consideration French engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant's plan for our nation’s capital. The centerpiece of L’Enfant’s plan was a great “public walk” in the form of wide avenues, public squares and inspiring buildings. Doud took that template and then inserted cropped images of clothing patterns, logos and textiles that were worn by people he observed moving through Union Station and throughout the city.

The resulting mural is a tapestry created through the lens of style preferences that directly reflects the identities, demographics and personalities of those who frequent the station, all arranged within L'Enfant's plan for Washington DC. 

Art at Amtrak®, the official public art program of Amtrak, presents diverse, unique and memorable art projects to enhance, invigorate and humanize the travel experience at Amtrak stations. Featuring contemporary artists through rotating exhibitions, Art at Amtrak® reflects and celebrates each regions’s creative preeminence,=

Art at Amtrak® is curated and produced by Debra Simon Art Consulting.

Union Station D.C.
50 Massachusetts Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002