Real Beauty

Deborah Zlotsky, Mariella Bisson, Amber Robles-Gordon, Ashlynn Browning

May 9-August 29, 2014

The concept of Real Beauty connotes a disassociation from societal standards, or an unbiased form of beauty. Yet, when distinguishing something or someone as embodying Real Beauty, complete objectivity is impossible. Even the most neutral of characteristics are rooted in a cultural language laden with implications. 

While abstract art aims to detach from reality, it is as bound to everyday life as Real Beauty. Abstraction is arguably the truest representation of how the world feels, though by definition it obscures how the world actually appears. There is a moment in the conception of abstract art when a transformation occurs. Creative impulses turn visual references, real emotions, and concrete occurrences into shapes, colors and textures. It is a moment of Real Beauty.

The artists featured in Real Beauty represent four aspects of contemporary abstraction. Mariella Bisson reconstructs images of landscapes, bridging the gap between representation and abstraction. Ashlynn Browning activates color and structure as the central subject in her architectural renderings. Deborah Zlotsky’s dynamic handling of line and form animates the painting surface to create movement that extends beyond two dimensions. Amber Robles-Gordon re-appropriates found objects in her eccentric and entertaining wall constructions. These artists exemplify the climate of today’s abstract movement. Take a closer look and you will witness how they feel about our current world.