Steven Cushner


January 18-February 17, 2018

There are two types of artists. One whose creativity depends upon moments of inspiration and one who walks into the studio every morning and works. The latter way of addressing a career, working day in and day out, whether in the arts or not, is believed to be very American. It is a mythical quality, true or not, that encourages productivity. Steven Cushner is the artist who walks into the studio every morning. It is in his character to put in the time. Early Cushner paintings were strong and original, work that could not be ignored. As he progressed into his career, achieving recognition, he became increasingly productive. Now a mature and much admired artist he has not rested on success or become repetitive. He goes to work every morning and out of his studio flows an astonishing number of great paintings. When it is time to mount an exhibition there is always a wealth of work, enough for multiple shows. So, why not bet on two winning shows? Why not double down?


On January 18 Steven Cushner: DOUBLE DOWN, Show No. 1 will open and run through February 17. Then, the gallery will close for 3 days while mounting Steven Cushner Double Down, Show No. 2, and re-open on February 22. Show No. 2 will run through March 24, 2018.